all His grace {September 6-20}

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted about God’s gifts of grace in my life. (hanging my head in shame) A year! 365 days. That sort of blows my mind. It makes me feel like a total slacker in acknowledging His gifts of love, which was the whole basis of this blog. I used to write down my gifts each day as I experienced them, which, is harder than it sounds…  Some days I would forget to write anything down, and I’d have to recall at the end of the day everything that I felt and saw. It’s definitely a commitment. And it’s not that I didn’t say ‘thank you’, in my mind, to Him as I witnessed a tender moment, saw a beautiful sunset or heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. But, I didn’t record them. And don’t you know that we tend to easily forget things. Or at least I do. If I don’t write something down, the memory is lost within days, sometimes minutes! So, I’m making another commitment to start back my personal photography journey of recording all His grace in my life. 

Here’s a glimpse at the gifts of grace I saw over the past few weeks.

We took a trip out to the country, and I had my macro lens on my camera. Makes my heart happy!


I’m always amazed at the details of the tiny things that usually go unnoticed. How beautiful is this?

webIMG_0959-Edit webIMG_0980-Edit

New curled petals, waiting to bloom.

webIMG_0997-Edit webIMG_1030-Edit

His late great-grandfather wore this same hat. Makes me smile when I see him wear it.


The day my son gave his heart to the Lord. It looked like heaven was rejoicing as we were!


I feed birds from my kitchen window. And, we normally see the same group of birds each day, but this was the first time I had seen a blue jay!


Up close and personal.


And then this guy showed up. He always looks like he’s been in a fight, and rightly so. He’s not the nicest!


The smallest birds are the most fearless.


I’m not the only one that likes to watch the birds.  It was a little eerie to see her sitting there with a camera in hand. It was as if I was looking at myself.


And I’m so glad I have this image. They both have my heart!




Aside from what it looks like, this Sunday and the day after will go down in history as the two days that my children got along perfectly. I started to think hell was freezing over.


Getting along while virtually beating each other up. Sister won. *wink*


I see more beautiful sunsets at the soccer fields than most anywhere else.


Someone made her own entry in my journaling Bible.


Pickin’ peas at Pappaw’s.


The calm after the storm.


The end of a great day.


This is my favorite bird friend. He’s plump and fluffy! Isn’t he beautiful?

webIMG_2253-Edit webIMG_2258-Edit


I challenge you to take note of God’s gifts of grace in your life. There is a joy in your heart when you take notice and say ‘thank you’ to Him! As Ann Voskamp says in her book One Thousand Gifts, โ€œA life contemplating the blessings of Christ becomes a life acting the love of Christ.โ€ 

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