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A few months ago, I came across a picture on Instagram of a Bible unlike I had ever seen before. It had ART on the PAGES. As in PAINT. IN A BIBLE. I think my mouth might have dropped open, as I had no idea they even made journaling Bibles with space in the margins for you to journal / doodle / write / draw / paint. A life long doodler, I was determined to get my own journaling Bible like, the next day.

There are several journaling Bibles out there in different translations, but I settled on the ESV journaling Bible by Crossway. Mainly because I wasn’t patient enough to order one online, and it was the very last journaling Bible my local Family Christian store had. It’s not too big, I love the soft leather cover (that I may or may not end up painting one of these days), and I like the fact that it has faint lines in the margin so you have a way to measure your letters when you want to.

Journaling Bible |

Staring at a blank page can be intimidating. Where do you start? What do you write?
Is it even OK to paint in a Bible?!

What I love about Bible journaling is that it is worshiping through art.
You don’t have to follow any rules. It’s personal. Just for you.

Journaling Bible |

Here are some of my favorite journal entries so far. I am usually following one of the devotional plans on, so I might journal about something I read in the devotional, something my preacher might have taught in one of his sermons (shout out to Brother Ron), or it could be through lyrics of a song that speaks to my heart.

Bible Journaling |

I am in love with the process of Bible journaling. Some of these entries, like the one on the bottom right, took hours to complete. Hours. As in my hands hurt and my neck was sore from looking down. But, during that time, I’m repeating those words in my mind… Greater is the One living inside of me…. Greater is the One ….  He calls me redeemed …. He calls ME REDEEMED. I’m meditating on the Word as I’m creating my journal entry and worshiping through art.

Bible Journaling |

 Through my journal entries, I’ve found what techniques and tools I like to use the most.
Can you guess what they are?

Stay tuned for a blog series on my favorite tools and techniques and step-by-step journal entries from start to finish! If you don’t have a journaling Bible, and you’re one who loves to doodle and create, what are you waiting for?

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