Easter 2014

I’ll admit that when it comes to Christmas or Easter, it is hard for me to be still and get in the mindset for truly celebrating each.

The kids woke up at 6:45 this morning while I was still in a sleep coma. Shortly after stumbling into the kitchen, I was standing at the sink wondering what to make for breakfast and if I would have enough time, worried about getting the kids dressed and presentable for church on time, and I honestly had no clue what dress I was going to wear or be able to fit in from last year. I was standing there at the kitchen window, wondering if I had enough time to do it all. And then I looked up.

There, at the top of the pine tree, was my gift of grace from my Savior.

A display of crosses in the first light of morning.

As I looked at the reminder of the cross, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “I did it for you.” And what was one of the first points our preacher talked about this morning? Jesus did not die on the cross for himself. He did it for me. And for you. And only by faith in Him and His love for us, can we be saved.

Thank you precious Lord for that reminder. All I needed to do was look up towards you.

I did end up cooking breakfast. Biscuits made from scratch, sausage gravy, and fresh scrambled eggs.
These eggs were given to us by a friend, and how appropriate to have a reminder of the new life we have in Jesus!

And despite taking the time to make breakfast (which I hardly do anymore), we were able to get to church dressed and on time!

After church we went to the in-laws’ house for lunch. While walking around their backyard with my camera in hand, I was able to snap this picture of blue bird eggs. Waiting to hatch. Waiting for their new life.

Thank you Jesus for the reminders you sent my way today about the new life that we have in you, through your love for us and sacrifice on the cross!

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