Good job, Mom!

As a mom (or dad), how often do we hear “Good job!” from our kids? 

Last week, I had a notification on my phone for my Reminders app which is nested in a group of other apps that I hardly ever use. When I opened the Reminders app I saw the following picture. See that first reminder? I’m pretty sure my husband put that in there for me. Because if I don’t write something down, I will forget it. That whole pregnancy-brain concept? Yeah, my youngest is 6 years old, and I’m still suffering. I don’t even know if that bill got paid, because, I don’t use this app! But then I saw the second reminder. “Mommy is good to me”
And it made me stop and think. One of my children wrote this, with or without the intention of me ever seeing it. And here I was finding it weeks later. I took it as a wink from God. Yes, motherhood is hard. Parenthood is hard. Teaching our children right from wrong and being the ultimate example for them at all times? So many times I feel like I fail over and over again. I lose my cool. I yell. And I am the ultimate example of what not to be.
And then yesterday my youngest came up to me and handed me this note.
 “Good job, Mom! I know I’m not easy to deal with sometimes, but I love you, and I think you’re doing great!”
I’m keeping this reminder by my kitchen sink where I will see it daily. And on those days when I feel like pulling my hair out, I will make a point to read this note. And breathe.

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