gratitude. every. day.

I’m not a resolutions person. Come the New Year, yes, I want to eat better (Hello, Christmas fudge in my love handles.), but I’m not one that’s going to make a resolution to never eat chocolate during the year. Because, I know I’m just setting myself up for failure! But this new year, the word ‘gratitude’ was heavy on my mind. Gratitude for everything. Every day. For the big things like healthy children, a wonderful husband and the little things like a soft bed, food to eat, and even the not so favorite things like dirty dishes, and yes, even laundry. Have you seen the image floating around Facebook? It goes something like this, and really makes you think when you read it.

I am grateful for…

  • early wake ups = children to love
  • house to clean = safe place to live
  • laundry = clothes to wear
  • dirty dishes = food to eat
  • crumbs on the floor = family meals
  • shopping to do = money to use
  • toilets to clean = indoor plumbing
  • lots of noise = kids having fun

So my ‘theme’ for the year is gratitude. Every day. For all of the little things that I may grumble about, may I see them all as blessings from our God who takes care of all our needs! Sing songs to the LORD with your heart, and give thanks ALWAYS to GOD for EVERYTHING! Ephesians 4:19

This is my most recent Bible journaling page, and so far, I think it’s one of my favorites! I love the colors and the gold combo. 

Media used: watercolor + Micron pen + gold paint pen + stencil

  • Jeri - My one word for the year is Gratitude! It’s also going to be theme of my blog this year. It’s so easy to get caught in the cycle of wish for more when we have so much more than most. Although I don’t think I can put laundry on my list. 😉 Gratitude brings us closer to God, too. I love your dedication page in your Bible. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

    • JRutledge - “Gratitude brings us closer to God” – exactly! Having gratitude for all things and acknowledging HIM for everything HE gives us definitely draws you closer to HIM and gives you that deep joy in your heart. Thanks for sharing :)ReplyCancel

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