School Room Setup {DIY}

Last night at dinner, he prayed, “Thank you God for my Mommy, my Daddy and my sister…. and thank you for August the 8th.” August 8. 31 days away.

You see, we homeschooled this past school year. And while I firmly believe in the benefits of homeschooling and would give a gold medal to anyone that can happily do it, it’s not the best fit for our family. I don’t regret our decision to homeschool this past year and am thankful for the experience. The freedom in our schedule, sleeping in and pancakes for breakfast will certainly be aspects that I miss.  But, for this next year, I look forward to the routine of school (I was a nerd growing up… even used to take pictures of my school supplies before the big first day… I know. I. Know. Definition of a nerd and a beginning sign of the inner photographer!) and my kids are looking forward to making new friends.

So while I’m counting down the days until the first day of school, apparently they are too! As my husband pointed out to me, “As much as you need a break from them, they need a break from you too.”

But before I close our homeschool chapter, let me share a quick tutorial for our school room setup.

We used our bonus room for the school room. I made two large desks, painted a chalkboard wall, and created a reading nook. For the chalkboard wall, I chose Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint. It took two coats and has held up really well. I love it! And I will honestly say that my kids have drawn on it far more than I have used it to teach.

School Room -

For the desks, I bought hollow core doors from Lowe’s (about $35/each) and painted them white.
After painting them, I coated them with a clear coating for durability. And then it turned yellow. Arg!
I highly recommend clear coating with an acrylic water-based polyurethane, NOT OIL BASED. I ended up repainting the doors and recoating them… learned the hard way!

School Desks -

I found adjustable-height chair stools at an only school supply store. Those were actually the most expensive buy at $80/piece. But, they are really well made and will last far longer than we want to use them. In other words, I’ll probably sell them one day when this room becomes a media room (I’m foretelling the future when the kids are teenagers) ๐Ÿ˜‰

To hold the door up, just prop it onto shelving units. I scored mine from Target and chose to use one with wider shelves on one side and two smaller ones for the other side. You could anchor the door to the shelves, but I didn’t. I wanted the option to easily move the desks out of the way if I needed to. Those doors only weigh about 10 pounds.

School Room -

In the back corner of the room is a weird space that I wasn’t sure what to do with. So, we made it into a reading nook!

Reading Nook -

We made bookshelves from plastic rain gutters. There are tons of tutorials for this online, just do a quick Google or Pinterest search.
I spray painted cardboard R-E-A-D letters from Hobby Lobby and found a cute print and frame.

Reading Nook -

 It’s been a great use of space!

And now that we won’t be using this room for homeschool anymore, the desks will still be a great place for homework, projects, painting, etc.


If you want to attempt this project and have any questions or suggestions for others, feel free to comment on this post!


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