The Windowsill

I love to watch birds, or maybe I should say, I like the challenge of trying to photograph them. I’m always up for a challenge! So, in an effort to lure them to my kitchen window so that I can photograph them, I feed them. Not with a cute handmade bird feeder or a big beautiful feeder that stands alone in the yard. No, I feed them by simply putting the food on the windowsill. Eh hem. Hey, it works. And it’s easy. Win win.

Sometimes I’ll walk by and look out, and there I’ll see him.


Waiting… for me to get away from the window. Ha! Anytime I’ve walked by before or so much as breathed, they would fly away. But today, I think they realized I’m not out to kill them.

I used to feed them with a mix of bird seed, but then I realized that they only ate the sunflower seeds. So now that’s all that I put out. And, today, I think I realized this little guy may be eating a little too much. I’m making it too easy for him. He’s a little more plump than I last saw him.


I’ve imagined that they have little bird families. So, this is his wife! She looks a little sassy.


And then this stud showed up. Isn’t he beautiful? He’s also a little bossy. He dominated the windowsill.


 I thought it was because he was looking out for his wife.


But then I realized that he was just being stingy. Hey dude, ladies first.


I should give them names! I’ll take suggestions if anyone has any ideas.
(Y’all, it’s late. And I understand that I may sound a little cuckoo (pun intended)… imagining bird families and wanting to give them names, pbbssh.)

All this to say, I love watching them fly around. I love that they have gotten used to me standing at the window and are not afraid anymore. I love that they are beautifully colored by our Creator. And I love that when I see them, I’m reminded of the verse in Matthew that states, “ Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” (Matt. 6:26)

What a nice reminder, to know that God will always perfectly supply for our needs!

And now you see why I stand at the windowsill often.

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